Testimonials from my students

“Kenn is truly an epitome a music expert.  He is a master teacher in piano performance, pedagogy, and life in general. He has been such a huge influence in my life and I am so grateful to be learning from someone who not only talks his talk, but also walks his walk.”  – Feona Lee Jones

“In the past three months of taking lessons with Kenn, I’ve learned more technique than I have in my twenty years of playing. I feel I have grown as an interpreter of classical music in such a short period of time that I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve to help me improve even more! He is an amazing pianist for whom I have so much respect for and am blessed to be under his wing. – Tara O’Brien”

“You are a treasured genius, artist and teacher. Patrick, continues in the music industry after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in music composition and is considering returning to school for a degree in film scoring. You have had a profound affect on him as a mentor, teacher and friend and helped him in more ways then you can imagine. Thank you. Forever in our hearts. – Sara Martin 

“Kenn is the Cadillac of Piano Teachers!” – Charylu Roberts, Music Publisher, Piano Teacher, Composer

“You are incorrect Charylu:  he is the Rolls-Royce of Piano Teachers!” – Newcomb Barger, Luthier

Dear Kenn,
You were one of the teachers that laid a stepping stone for Camille’s musical enlightenment.  You provided one of the sparks.  The job you do can’t be assigned a value.  It’s priceless.  It has a tremendous ripple effect.
You can’t always be aware of the profound effect you may have on a young student.  You have had a lasting, positive impact on Camille.  And for that, we thank you.
Jeff and Julie Sherman

Dr. Gartner, thank you so very much for taking the time to respond.  I just wanted you to know that you had and always will be a big part of my life’s happiness.  I so very much enjoyed you as a teacher, your class and our singing engagements.  Such a very happy time in my life.  Music is in my heart and always will be. When I plan to visit San Francisco I will email you so I can thank you in person for the joy and happiness you brought to me with your gift of teaching and instruction.

Thank you again for your response.  It means a lot to me.

Debbie Gangloff Stocksen

Kenn Gartner is the only Teacher of Piano, from Los Angeles to the Washington State border and east to Utah, and the only Teacher of Voice in the Western States, except for one teacher in Oklahoma, listed in The Juilliard’s Private Teachers Directory. “Kenn Gartner – Marin’s Eclectic Pianist”

(From a review of Dr. Gartner’s November 18, 2010 recital, The Community Congregational Church, Tiburon.)

A REVIEW OF AN APPEARANCE JANUARY 11, 2015:   Jameison Ranch Vineyards, Napa, California

Reflections on a Movement:  Silence, Napa 2015

Somewhere between harmony and melody

there is an empty place in which notes find themselves

abandoned from the stream of music.

All alone

Searching for a moment in time to resonate.

A tempo that awaits the notes’ presence returning into being;

a languid anticipation,

and therein lies an ecstasy, a longing to hear,

that I cannot express in words and is absent in music,

it has no voice or sound

And yet is beautiful.

Mark M. Whelan